External consulting

At Pomona Agtech we offer external advice at a high level through highly trained professional consultants with business experience.

We advise established businesses and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the implementation and optimization of labour, technical and technological processes. We support our clients in the development and innovation of their organization and optimization, introduction and training processes to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their business or organizational processes. We offer diverse methodologies to fortify the creativity and innovation of our workers to create innovative products and processes in an agile way.

We advise on financial and strategy issues to create innovative and sustainable business models. We also focus on the training of a modern and efficient leader focused on the specific needs of the enterprise or organization. We know the power of positive impact that forges the intensification and development of the creativity of the hardworking entrepreneur in a system or established enterprise.

Resilient Coffee project in Central America

From September 2019 to November 2020, three productive enterprises of young coffee growers from three cooperatives in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras were accompanied. For the three youth groups we worked with, it was the first time that they received support of this type in terms of properly entrepreneurial training and business fundamentals. The three teams already had a sufficient technical base in each of their areas (beekeeping, coffee marketing, and vegetable production and marketing), however, this process was new for them in terms of the topics covered, the personalized follow-up and regarding the challenge they had to see their capabilities and resources from an entrepreneurial perspective and, based on this, contribute to their business plans. Some of the youth teams had already received some training in business issues or diagnostic consultancies. This intervention, articulated from the entrepreneurial axis and with the specific product of a business plan as an articulator of learning, reflections and projections, did constitute something different for young people and the basis for future deepening in the execution and monitoring of their entrepreneurial projects.

Cooperativa Las Tablas, Chalchuapa, ESA: JOHADES beekeeping venture (Young people making a difference in El Salvador).

Cooperativa de Café Artesanal Entre Volcanes, GUA: Youth project for the creation of their own brand for the local marketing of roasted coffee and the opening of a ¬coffee shop.

COMSA, Marcala, HON: Production and marketing of vegetables in the Marcalina and surrounding areas. All the accompaniment, to date, has been carried out in three phases:

  • junio-septiembre de 2019: Initial contact and preparation of the trinational training camp (9-11 September 2019)
  • octubre-diciembre de 2019: Virtual communication and training; analysis of entrepreneurship books.
  • enero-febrero 2020: Field visit and analysis of examples of business plans for each project. Organization of the team to write the plans. The goal by the end of September 2020 is not to have completed their business plans perfectly, but the three teams will understand their importance and will have a roadmap to follow up on their business plan and their projects.

We have also carried out Acceleration projects in conjunction with non-profit organizations and companies in which we use our methodology to support partner companies or companies that are part of their network. We have worked on projects with CRS, supporting organizations that work with small agricultural producers and also with Pantaleon Corporation, strengthening business practices of its suppliers.