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In the last six years, Pomona Impact has completed 22 investments in 20 companies, achieving a combination of solid financial returns and impact. Pomona Impact is in the process of increasing funds for the Fund of Pomona Impact II, LP (FIP) to increase the capital that we will utilize to support scalable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are prepared to create high social and/or environmental impact.

Pomona Impact knows that the Central American region must be present and active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is why...

Why AgTech?

In Central America, approximately 30% of jobs and more than 30% of GDP is dependent on agriculture. Yet there is currently a lack of leadership and support focused on agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

This lack of resources has a substantial impact. Some of the most significant consequences include:

  • Small producers are increasingly falling behind in productivity levels compared to larger local and international producers that have better access to the latest...



Our principal goal is to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector in Central America through building skills and creating community and investment.

Our objectives are the following:

  • To create a community of businesses that are better prepared to receive investment through the Bootcamp, Incubator, and Accelerator programs.
  • To connect investors with entrepreneurs in the...

Advisory Board AgTech

AgTech Leadership
We have established an advisory board comprised of leaders from the best agricultural universities and prominent private and public institutions in the region. There is no other group in Central America with this collective experience and knowledge - it is unmatched and will be an incredible resource to help us roll out our grand vision. The Advisory Board includes.

Cristian Rodríguez
Soluciones Analíticas
Jeffrey Landsdale
University of Zamorano
José Perdomo
CropLife Latin América
Juan Carlos Zapata
Monica Stein PhD
Dean of Research
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Ricardo Santa Cruz
Director Agricultural Division
Roger Norton
Professor in Agricultural Economics
Texas A&M University
Yanine Chan
Decana de Asuntos Académicos
Universidad Earth


Pomona believes firmly in the power of partnerships and alliances. As an investment fund, we have created a very strong network of companies and institutions that are helping us achieve our goals. Focusing in the AgTech program, the following partnerships are the ones that will prove more essential.

Ambassadors in the Region