An association comprise of 24 indigenous and smallholder landowners that work to protect the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya forest in Guatemala.

ADAM works in helping small agricultural producers in Guatemala improve their performance and connect them to markets.

Commercialization of bio controllers for a more efficient agricultural and livestock production. Environmental friendly, using nanotechnology and applied biotech.


Aerial platforms for agriculture, using drone technology to save in production costs. Design and integration of unmanned aerial platforms at a low cost for the early detection of...


Usage of UAV and satellite imaging to anayze crops and provide accurate information.


Online platform for agricultural production and weather forecast.


It manufactures natural and environmentally friendly fertilizers from sustainable forests.

NGO dedicated to improve environmental awareness in the Atitlan region in Guatemala.


It is dedicated to the production and marketing of certified organic macadamia from local and regional small producers for export to Europe.

Organization dedicated to the commercialization of carbon credits and strengthening agricultural value chains.

Atitlán Recicla

It is a project of the Friends of Lake Atitlán Association that strengthens and empowers women in the region by generating income through the commercialization of recyclable materials.

Bica Guanaja

Organization committed to the conservation and protection of the coastal marine resources of the Bay Islands through environmental education, reforestation and community development.

Dedicated to leveraging potential and providing added value to farmers and people who promote organic production in Guatemala.

Develops an enzymatic technology from plant biomass to solve technological challenges in the brewing industry.

Production, processing and export of coffee with a variety of socio-environmental certifications.

Supported by the Canadian government, working in Guatemala since 1990. Focused on projects targeted towards indigenous communities, youth and gender equity.

It is a company that processes, markets and exports specialty coffee produced by women whom it empowers socially and economically.

Cielo Azul

Production of organic fruits and vegetables with care and strict quality at each stage of the production process. Seeks to promote health and prosperity.

Designs sustainable strategies for crop protection that manage the impacts of harmful pests while maintaining the natural ecological balance of the farm.

A node of climatic and meteorological information for Central America.

Development Ventures works in facilitating investment; designing and implementing off the grid solar panel farms for communities in Guatemala.

Connecting smallholder coffee farmers to international markets.

It produces traditional instant beverages and gluten-free flours, without sugar and without chemical additives.

Producing food and snacks supporting smallholder farmers and the environment.

Distributor of biotechnology for the environment and agricultural production.

Ecological Solutions provides stable organic fertilizers that improve crop performance.

With 2 years of experience in the delivery of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and eggs, among others, to the door of the house through e-commerce.

Vertical integrated farm production focused on the slow food movement.

It is a technological platform that allows establishing a direct communication channel with people in rural areas and sending them relevant information on products, markets or services.

Project focused on intelligent and biodegradable packing for agricultural produce.

Agriculture optimization based on remote sensors and analysis algorithms.

A second level organization that works with small organic producers of coffee, honey and panela.

Flumen Sensores

Production and sale of telemetric sensors and statistical models adapted to pressurized irrigation systems in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and greater profitability in agriculture.

It produces vegetables in greenhouses through the exclusive use of hydroponic methodologies. Then harvest, wash, and pack with safety to deliver to the customer.


Helping smallholder farmers access local markets and improve their agricultural skills.

Founded in Peten in 1997, working to unite different sectors to promote environmental sustainability in the Petén region in Guatemala.

An organization dedicated to supporting conservation initiatives and sustainable development in Guatemala.

Organization working in Petén, in the northen part of Guatemala. Working towards obtaining environmental sustainability.

Production and sale of organic eggs from hens raised with love in Guatemala.

Green Technology

A service targeted towards making the agriculture sector in Central America more efficient by using drones and specialized software.

Organic products obtained from the activities protecting the national parks in northern Guatemala, maintaining an economic, social and environmental focus.

Design a more efficiente cardamom dryer to diminish the deforestation rate in the Central American region.

Heifer International has been working in Guatemala since 1970. Works with different organizations to promote the creation of local skills, focused on agriculture and environmental sustainability.

Designs and uses patented UAV technology to offer the service of spraying agrochemicals to farmers and landowners around the world.

Sale of reagents and supplies for research laboratories which offer an alternative product to agrochemicals for agribusiness.

Software and hardware solutions for tropical agriculture, helping to maximize yields, generate operational savings and create sustainable production.

Ventas y distribución de productos biológicos para la agricultura y asesorías para incremento de productividad y sostenibilidad.

Development and implementation of software solutions for the agricultural industry, focused specifically on the control of daily operations.

Mab Labs

What problem are we resolving? The lack of precise, up-to-date meteorological information that can be used and analyzed by businesses, above all those related to agriculture.

Maná Ojushte San Isidro is dedicated to grow Ojushte crop in El Salvador and promote its consumption.

Organization specialized in the conservation and protection of the Montaña de Celaque National Park and other protected areas in western Honduras.

Take advantage of the potential of technology to solve problems in traditional industries such as agriculture, through a mobile platform that connects producers with final buyers

Local information in real time, weather alerts and timely forecasts.

Parametric insurance focused on helping local communities when climatic events damage the local agricultural produce.


MICROTER is an American-Guatemalan company focused on the research and production of ULV agricultural fumigation equipment. What problem are they resolving? Fungus diseases (Roya in coffee crops), insects, and foliar fertilization in agriculture in general.

Production and sale of 100% natural honey and beehive derivatives.

ARA is a modern agriculture focused ERP. It utilizes technology to organize all the activities needed in a livestock or agriculture enterprise.

Production and marketing of foliar fertilizers exclusively for each crop, according to its phenological stage.

Fabricamos y comercializamos fertilizantes foliares exclusivos para cada cultivo y según la etapa fenológica del mismo.


Adhesive color traps for monitoring and controlling insects in agricultural production.

A network comprised of different organizations working towards environmental sustainability.

Produces fabrics treated with beeswax, pine resin and natural oils, creating a reusable, washable, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.


Family business with 40 years in the market dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of spices and condiments.

An association based in Guatemala focused on promoting the use of clean energies using community projects.

Semillas del Océano

The SERES methodology helps empower youth in Guatemala and El Salvador to contribute in a positive way to transform socities to seek wellness for all.


Company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of innovative and affordables electricity generating solutions.

A company dedicated to invest in forestry production and long-term investment in Central and South America.

Commercialization of fresh strawberries and strawberry products, offering an efficient sales channel to rural producers while assuring quality and supply to clients.

Production of organic vegetables using hydroponic technology.

It is an organization that contributes to facilitate the access of all people to sustainable drinking water and sanitation services.

Multinational NGO focused on environmental protection. Their Agripanda project is focused on promoting cleaner and more efficient agricultural practices.

It connects the actors of the coffee value chain with a blockchain-based trading platform.

A food company that empowers communities at the base of the pyramid by developing innovative, healthy and delicious products.